Josh's Frogs BioBedding Tropical Bioactive Substrate (10 quarts)-


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Josh's Frogs BioBedding Tropical Bioactive Substrate (10 quarts) is the perfect substrate for your tropical bioactive enclosure. Biobedding Tropical is a unique blend of organic and inorganic ingredients, trace elements, and beneficial fungi that serves to jump start the bioactive environment. Biobedding Tropical helps maintain humidity while providing a substrate your pets can dig and lay eggs in, all while helping to maintain healthy populations of microfauna. Biobedding Tropical is ideal for crested geckos, water dragons, anoles, tropical snakes and lizards, and many other reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

How BioBedding benefits you and your pets:

  • less frequent substrate changes - spend less time maintaining your pet's tank, and more time enjoying your pet! This also means less stressful tank cleanouts for your pet!
  • more naturalistic approach to pet keeping - that much closer to replicating your pet's native habitat
  • tank stays cleaner due to bioactive cycle
  • much more attractive appearance than traditional substrates

How to Use: Place a 2.5-3 inch layer of Biobedding Tropical in your enclosure. Add dechlorinated or R/O water until BioBedding sticks together when squeezed, but no water runs out. Terrestrial plants can be planted directly into BioBedding. BioBedding Tropical does not require a drainage layer if used with light or hand misting. For automatic misting setups, use in conjunction with a 2" layer of Josh's Frogs False Bottom and a Substrate Barrier.

How to Clean: Stir the surface of BioBedding Tropical every 1-2 weeks with a fork, or if waste is visible. Burying waste allows microfauna to more quickly process it. Change the substrate when it begins to break down - typically after several years. Please note that Biobedding Tropical is designed to grow fungi - this is not a sign of a dirty tank, but of a healthy, clean bioactive environment.

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Good bedding for plants Review by Charles
This was a good product for the substrate for my viv but could have been perfect by a little more milled sphagnum or other water and space expander. I added a bag of ABG mix to this and am very happy with the combination. (Posted on 1/21/2019)
Great Stuff Review by Justin
What can I say it was easy to setup and the plants after a few days have already taken to the soil. (Posted on 10/9/2018)
great product Review by hexacorn
has grown plants very well. I would recommend getting a false bottom because its only like 10 more dollars and my false bottom has become useful since i have an automatic misting system (Posted on 7/16/2018)
Great product Review by Dave M
I bought this for my crested gecko setup and have now had it up for about 4-5 months. The microfauna and the plants are growing and doing great. The gecko seemed to like this a lot better than the coco husk I had in previously. He is way more active. This bioactive substrate makes it very easy as it is almost a no-touch vivarium now. (Posted on 6/18/2018)
Good Price and Quality Review by Samantha
This was enough to properly fill two 12*12*18 tanks for two crested geckos with a little left over. Nice product and easy to use! (Posted on 6/12/2018)
Great for Newbies Review by Sarah
I have always been intimidated by bioactive enclosures and all the layers require. This product made putting together a bioactive home for new Pygmy Chameleons am extremely easy and cost effective endeavor. (Posted on 3/19/2018)

6 Item(s)

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