Josh's Frogs GUTLOADED Banded Crickets

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1/4" GUTLOADED Banded Crickets (120 Count)
1/2" GUTLOADED Banded Crickets (72 Count)
3/4" GUTLOADED Banded Crickets (60 Count)
1" GUTLOADED Banded Crickets (60 Count)

Winter is here - please check your temps before ordering!

 LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED in temperatures 10F to 85F for 2-3 day delivery services.

 LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED with FedEx Priority Overnight down to 0F.


  • Gutloaded when they leave here - they're ready to feed out when they arrive!
  • Comes with a Live Arrival Guarantee
  • Can be used as a treat or a staple


Looking for crickets that are ready to feed right when you get them? Then Josh's Frogs GUTLOADED Banded Crickets are perfect for you!


Josh's Frogs GUTLOADED Banded Crickets are banded crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus), which we've found ship much better than other species of cricket, allowing us to safely ship you live, healthy feeder bugs! These crickets have been feed our Cricket Cuisine prior to being packed, and have been provided a healthy carrot to munch on during transit.


Best of all, we guarantee live arrival and provide a generous overcount. These crickets are shipped by Josh's Frogs.


Not sure what size cricket you need? Watch our video on How to Choose the Right Size Crickets for your pets.


How to Feed

Banded Crickets can be fed as a treat or staple, depending on the animals you're feeding. Make sure to dust banded crickets with a proper vitamin and mineral supplement before being fed to your pet. Watch our video on How to Dust Crickets if you're not sure how.


How to Store

When Josh's Frogs ships banded crickets they are already stored with eggcrate and a bit of food. If you'll be feeding out the crickets within a few days of arrival, feel free to keep them housed in their shipping container. The carrot we provide them with will make an ideal food and water source. If you'll be using the crickets over a longer period of time, please set them up in more permanent cricket housing using one of our cricket care kits and feed a quality cricket food. Crickets should be gutloaded with a nutritious food for 2-3 days before feeding them to your pet. Watch our video on Gutloading Crickets to find out how. If you'd like to store crickets for more than a couple days, please view our video on How to Care for Feeder Crickets.


Nutritional Information

Protein 17%, Fat 8%, Fiber 2%, Water 71%

Not sure how to care for your crickets? Check out our Crickets Playlist on Youtube and learn how to dust, feed, care, and raise crickets!

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