Josh's Frogs Hornworm Snack Packs (FREE SHIPPING)

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Hornworm Snack Pack (12 Count) FREE SHIPPING
Hornworm Snack Pack (25 Count) FREE SHIPPING

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED in temperatures 0F to 85F. Winter is here - please check your temps before ordering!


New to Josh's Frogs - Hornworm Snack Packs! A cup of healthy hornworms for your critters that ship free!

Hornworms are a fantastic feeder for your reptile and amphibian pets. Hornworms are high in calcium (47mg/100g) and low in fat (3%). Hornworms also have a soft exoskeleton, making eating and digestion easy! A wide variety of reptiles and amphibians love hornworms, including bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, pacman frogs, monitors, tegus, skinks, pixie frogs, and many tree frogs. 

You have 2 options - a 12ct pod or 25ct pod. The 12ct hornworms will grow to about 4" in length on the provided food, while the 25ct hornworms will grow to about 1.5" before they run out of food. They will grow in transit, and will be larger when you receive them (especially in warm weather).

Store the pod upside down, with the food at the top. This way, the hornworms will climb up to eat, and their waste will fall to the 'bottom' of the container for easy cleanup. Make sure to place them on a wire rack or something similar, so that they receive proper ventilation.

Hornworms will grow the fastest when kept in the low 80s F, but can be kept as low as the mid 50s F to slow growth. Hornworms can also be kept in the fridge (at 45F) for 2 days, then removed for one day, to slow growth.

Live Insect Shipping Schedule

Most orders placed by 4pm EST (Monday-Friday) will ship same day depending on your choice of shipping carrier. To know when your order will ship, refer to our complete live insect shipping schedule below.

  • FedEx Home Delivery will ship out Monday-Thursday if placed by 4pm EST.

  • USPS Priority Mail will ship Monday-Thursday if placed by 4pm EST.

  • FedEx Express 2 Day will ship Monday-Wednesday if placed by 4pm EST.

  • FedEx Express Priority Overnight will ship Monday-Thursday if placed by 4pm EST. Saturday delivery is available for an extra $15. You must call in your order for Saturday delivery option.

Shipping Quote

To get a shipping quote for your order, add the items to your cart and click on "Shipping Estimator" in your cart. Shipping prices are based on distance the package will travel and the weight of the total order. 

Josh's Frogs 3 Day Live Insect Life Insurance Policy

Our policy covers all live insect shipments that fall under the following requirements:

If live insects shipped via 2-3 day service:

  • temperatures during transit do not exceed 85 degrees for 2 day delivery

  • temperatures during transit do not drop below 20 degrees for 2 day delivery

  • someone is present to accept the package when it is delivered on the first attempt

If live insects shipped via 1 day service: 

  • someone is present to accept the package when it is delivered on the first attempt

  • temperatures during transit do not drop below 10 degrees

Claims on Live Insect Orders

  • We must be contacted within the first 3 days of the package arriving

  • Customer must be able to provide a picture via email if asked

We will not replace or refund any live insects after 3 days after arrival of the package. For our full policy visit the 3 Day Live Insect Life Insurance Policy section of our website.

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Great Quality at a Great Price Review by Patrick And Lucy
If you go to your local pet store, ONE to THREE horn worms could be $5, when for $10 more, you can get 25 with free shipping. Their horn worms are MUCH better quality, and they come to you at a perfect size, not too big and not too small. Our beardie loves them! (Posted on 10/26/2018)
Overall Great! Review by Dylan
Came within a couple days. Especially nice for the free shipping. All worms came with a perfect container setup. These guys do it best! Worms also came in many sizes which is nice for my lizards since I have ages ranging from Young juveniles to adults. (Posted on 10/6/2018)
Awesome helps alot Review by Micmoffin
Great product (Posted on 8/24/2018)
Healthy & quick! Review by Aernifamily
Quick delivery & healthy worms. My lizards gobbled them right up! Packed excellent! (Posted on 4/2/2018)
Beardy loved them. Review by Michael
Awesome insects. My baddies loved them. Food went fast with the 25ct had to feed the off fast. Healthy worms for sure (Posted on 2/21/2018)
Good Price Worms a bit small Review by Brittany
I switched from ordering from another supplier due to having my beardie end up with parasites from the hornworms. I came back to Josh's Frogs due to them being reliable, affordable, and great customer service. The worms are fairly small and take a decent amount of time to get chunky so with that in mind, I usually order 2 containers of the 50...wait a few days then order the next 2 so they have time to grow. Overall they are really a fair price compared to other suppliers. I was spending almost 50+ on 12 worms with shipping of $20! With that being said, if you do not mind the smaller size and providing your animal with additional food items, these are a great steal. (Posted on 9/27/2017)
Ok, but have gotten better. Review by Natalie
First off, I love the customer service provided by this company and it's why I always order my reptile food here! When I placed my first order, it got lost in the mail and USPS wouldn't let me file a missing package claim. I was sent a replacement free of charge which arrived quickly!

That being said, the hornworms weren't what I expected. I needed the 1/2" caterpillars as advertised but most of the ones I received were already 1 1/2"+, nearly the same size as the anole they were supposed to be fed too. Of the 25 caterpillars, 4 were small enough for him. 7 were dead on arrival and the rest were half dead . Thankfully my ferrets enjoy them too so they didn't go to waste! I would have loved adding more variety to my anoles diet but I won't be ordering hornworms again. (Posted on 7/27/2017)
Highly recommend Review by April
The 24 pack actually had 30 hornworms in it (thanks guys) and lasted my 8 month old leopard gecko just over a month. (Only one worm was DOA because it was squished against the side of the cup.) When they first came in they were small so I gave him 5 the first day he loved them so much. Cut way back on his intake (obviously) as they got bigger. I will definitely be reordering. More than enough food for the bugs to survive 2 months, maybe more. Also included in the box was a care guide for the worms. I used the suggested "2 days in the fridge, one day out" method. (Posted on 5/28/2017)

8 Item(s)

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