Josh's Frogs Reptile Bark (10 quarts)-


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Josh's Frogs Reptile Bark is a fantastic reptile substrate that won't bite your wallet! Mad from renewable resources, Josh's Frogs Reptile Bark is easy to clean, absorbent, and allows for burrowing, making it a perfect substrate for a wide variety of pet reptiles and amphibians.

Josh's Frogs Brand is a great value!! Josh's Frogs Reptile Bark (10 quarts) costs just $1.00 a quart - compare to $1.50 a quart for a leading brand of reptile bark.

Buy in bulk and save! Josh's Frogs Bulb Reptile Bark (40 quart) costs just $0.75 per quart!

For information on what kind of animals can live on Josh's Frogs Reptile Bark, check out our Substrate Chart!

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