Welcome to Josh's Frogs Wholesale! We offer wholesale accounts to customers that are buying our products for the sole purpose of reselling. The products in this section are offered at discounted prices for our wholesale customers, and you MUST be logged in to view the prices. We try to keep our prices low for all of our customers, so take a look at our other products, you may find we offer them for less than many retail stores. Wholesale customers are able to combine products from other areas on the site along with products from the wholesale section in the same order.

If you would like to become a wholesale customer, email us at info@joshsfrogs.com and provide us with one* of the following:

  • the address of your store
  • the web address of your online store
  • the web address of a trade show listing you or your business as a vendor 


*Josh's Frogs reserves the right to require more than one piece of validation